Sunday, May 19, 2013

Balik korek tanah


Cannot imagine kalau my boss tau pasal all those issue happen lately. Even only small digit pun she so kalut, inikan kalau misprocess ka apa.

But actually, last Friday memang ada issue pun. Since only me and Shila during telecon with EU, she also joining us. Around 6pm, she has to go and she asked us to text us about any findings. Finally we able to solve the problem and it was from our side, it's from IT. Haa.. On Monday there's many bombardment emails related to this issue. All those previous action items came out, pending solution by IT team. With all that, IT manager have to come over to Level3 to explain about the problem. Blaa blaaa blaaa.

Nowadays, any issue our boss with no mercy will directly forward email to upper level. Even to department director. Haa...scarry. Means before I go to seek her help, I have to make sure everything was set up correctly, already follow up with thousand time and etc.

Easy job. She will directly email to high level. Which is on the other side, other parties will aware of MDM. Any discussion must include us as well lagi-lagi related to routes and systems. Both MDM-IT kena bekerjasama in order to solve any problem together with PI,PTE and UPS. Haaaaaaaaaa..

Takut juga kerja ini. Salah sikit saja, sure aku tak leh lena. Memang rasa balik rumah korek tanah, tapi bukan tanam diri tapi tanam biji kacang. Merapu. First timer aku delete tool, galak delete without checking is there any lot using that tools, check² rupanya ada 1 lot. Check² OK. Alhamdulillah. Kalau idak, memang ketaq laa. after a week kot, barulah berani delete another tool. Haih. Dugaaan di tempat kerja akibat lupa check 1 benda. Lesson learn. Harap-harap hari mendatang lebih berhati-hati.. Nasib baik bukan process tool tapi measument tool. Haih.

Buat kerja main-main, tak serius. Sebab tue jadi macam-macam. Cuba more focus, sure everything will run smoothly. Ecewah. Ya sangat la aku nak focus tengok systems saja. Kena la ada hiburan di tempat kerja.

Oklah. Jom gembira.


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