Sunday, May 12, 2013

Don't mess with me.


I found this on Muslim Speaker's Facebook. Being the only sister among brothers, pretty cool. 10 years being the youngest in family, and I'm really enjoyed it. Daddy's favorite and anyone messed with me, I will be the first reporter to dad once he switched off his motorcycle. Start reporting about all the bullying issues. Haha. Eventho they(brothers) only say something to me, and they haven't touched me. But still it was big issues for me. Haha. I'm so kiddos!

only a daughter
Really missed my childhood very much. Which is playing outside with brothers, friends for an hours. We played until Maghrib until our mother screaming asked us to go home, take a bath and ready for praying. And also miss they day riding motorcycle with my dad, sometimes Abgcik will follow us. Most of the time ayah will bring us to beach else to paddyfield area. Oh...still remember it.

Enjoyed walking to Pasar Malam nearby our house where mum always remind my brothers to hold my hand all the time. They managed hold  me, and of course I'm the one who do want them to hold my hand. I want freedom. After finished shopping, we're heading back together. Sometimes they will give me ride to pasar malam. Always ask me to "kangkang" to avoid my tiny feet enter to bicycle's rim. One of his hand will try to hold my back and ask me to hold tight. Sweet.

Times running so fast, eventho we cant avoid to growing up, but at least we can remain our youthful inside our heart. But whatever it is,  I miss the days when I used to have a very nice baby skin, with not a single pimple on it, but right now seems like me and pimples cannot detached to each other. :P

Being a chidlren, no need to worry about our real is mother's day. Proudly to wish happy mother day to my mother, Pn Fatimah for being a supergreat mum to us, "garang" mum to us, always worrying for her kids everytime. I hope you enjoy ur motherhood time and this year as a grandma. Congratulations mak. We love you always. :)


Photo credit to : Muslim Speakers

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