Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Labour Day


Today is labor day. Yes it' a day for all the worker around Malaysia, im not sure whether its for around the world too. Need to Google it. Currently im on the way to Butterworth by bus. Yes by bus. Why by bus? Oh well dear..i just want to do something differ today. Heading to Butterworth alone in the bus with all foreigners. There's Bangladeshi, Cambodian, Indonesian, a fews from local.

Today must free from office routine job. No more thinking of route creation, tool setup, epa tool linkage and other stuffs. Lets freedom today and happily enjoy this moment. Having sweet time, sunbathing under big umbrella and facing Penang Island, facing Komtar the tallest building in Penang. Readings a newspaper, having orange juice, eat cheesedale and yogurt. Auuw. Heaven.
Ini kasut macam Arwan Wan and Wan sekarang duk pakai
In the way to meet our Didi. Hopefully he's gonna be good. Tok tak sabar nak tengok Didi. Reach Ipoh around 2pm and while waiting sis inlaw to fetch us, kami makan roti di Roti boy cafe. Mum makan roti with hot tea, and me only roti boy with plain water. Lil brother want orange juice, roti boy and some other buns. Greedy betul. 

Heading to sis in law's house. Sampai ja, nampak Kak Ani duk dokong Didi. Cranky lil baby. Tok dokong Didi..he didnt smile yet. Mamai lagi. While we having our lunch, Didi tertidur atas riba ibunya. Bagi nap  while, then he wake up with big smile and start nak sembang. Haha. Hasnul bawa pizza and around 6.30pm kami gerak balik ke Kulim and then heading back to Perlis.

That was my labour's day. Happy to meet Didi. :)

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