Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mahu cuti?


Mahu cuti? Ini ubatnya..kerja bertimbun, created around 40 FTRs for whole weeks. Perhaps, I wont leave much pending jobs to my colleagues. As for now still on control. InsyaALLAH. Azwana offered me if I need her help, as I can see, she also have many task to be completed. Many thanks for the offer. 

Working in manufacturing industry very tough for me. If facing any problem, any issues.. Wont sleep dengan tenangnya. Last night, again I dreamed one of IT colleague. Yesterday he do asked my questions and last night he's appear in my dream. Cishhhh.

Not done packing yet, and got some items need to buy. I want to change some more ringgit into yuan. Perhaps I can get 2.03.. Lets praying...

Having lunch with my friends and I bought some samperit cookies as my bekal to China. Crunchy, soft samperit like my mum's recipe. Love to baking it for hari raya cookies. InsyaALLAH. ;)

Have a nice day everybody. Let's stay calm, stay cool, keep on positive and take care.
Today I felt angry for 30mins, after that..think again and keep on saying.. "Nevermind, she have her own problems. Let her be what she is. No angry to her, forget what she done.. She just little girl who always seek my helps when she's in trouble, and the one no bother if I'm facing any not-so-called-good-things. Put my ego away, and let me help her. As I know, she's the most fav among us especially senior"

Assalamualaikum. Enjoy..

Friday, June 14, 2013

Burung, silalah terbang ;)


Wahai burung jinjang dari kertas origami, bila kau mahu terbang? Sudah lama kau teman aku dengan tercongok duduk elok di bawah pc offfice aku. Kau adalah perberian kawan office aku yang sungguh gagah buat dengan colleague darin Sabah itu. Kawan itu adalah Cik Anis. Rajan sungguh. Sampai rasa macam nak buat gwiyomi.

Oh well, many things happen last week. The most scarry thing, visit to office around 1:05am is not the best achivement of the year. Many objects can came out while you heading to your cubicle at that time. Luckily one friend of me willing accompany me to office and in the office I asked help from security to excort me. Proceed my task around 20mins. After checking done with my eyes, perhaps nothing wrong and I'm ready to go home. Alhamdulillah safely reach home with nothing happen.

Always wondering, what is the best thing to do in my life? Make everyone happy with me, and ofkos happy me. Travel around the world, opsss. At this moment only managed to travel asia region. No budget for Europe yet!! Perhaps one day, adalah rezekiNYA. Amiiiiiin.

Yeay. Minggu depan nak travel lagi. Tak lama dah. Alhamdulillah. Happy FRiday.
Purple day today.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Jangan jangan.. jangan lupa.


Semoga kita semua senantiasa bersyukur
Uihh..jangan lupa untuk bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang ALLAH TAALA kurniakan kepada kita. Segala yang kita miliki di dunia ini bukan milik kita, milik DIA. Anytime HE can take everything we owned right now. Jadi senantiasa  la bersyukur atas segala nikmatNYA. Suka untuk aku ingatkan diri yang jahil ini agar senantiasa bersyukur atas apa yang di kurniakan, tabah atas dugaanNYA dan sentiasa positif dalam banyak perkara. Hati ini kadangkala ada perasaan tidak baik, agak rapuh dalam berfikir. Lalu pasti sesuatu yang tidak diingini akan terjadi. Dari menyucapkan sesuatu yang boleh membuatkan orang lain rasa sedih, rasa lemah maka eloklah aku diam saja. Bisa dari mulut sungguh perit dan pedih sama sekali. Diam itu senjata orang beriman. 

7 kebaikan diam:
1. Ibadah yang tidak memenatkan diri kita dan orang sekeliling
2. Hiasan diri tanpa perhiasan
3. Kekuatan tanpa kekuasaan
4. Benteng tanpa dinding
5. Tidak perlu meminta maaf
6. Malaikat pencatat amal dapat berehat
7. Menutup keburukan dan ciri-ciri kejahilan diri

Asalkan kita tidak buat kemungkaran di bumi ALLAH Taala ini, insyaALLAH banyak perkara kita dapat elak daripada free² dapat dosa especially dosa kering. :|

Hidup seharian memang tak lari dari pertelingkahan faham sesama kita. Harus mendidik emosi agar sentiasa positif dalam tiap perkara yang kita lakukan. More critical, we unable to control our temper, and keep on blaming another party. Ask, check, verify and confirm..insyaALLAH we will get correct information. No matter what we decide, make sure it is correct and to get confirmation we must always ask, ask, ask. :)

Assalamualaikum and have a good day. :)

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome June :)


2nd day of June. Raining day in Perlis. Me together with mum and dad watching "30 minit Ustaz Don" tajuk solat. 

Wow! This is something and I'm touched. As i remembered 19yrs ago, mum and dad was there watching me sprint 100m for final. Not as winner but as first runner up which means I'm first among all the losers. :(

It's all about our dad. With his fierce face, we know he loves us so much. Just the way he show his love to us wasn't the same with mum. We know dad will do anything for us, he will sacrifice many thing as he willing to fulfill our needs. As a kids, what we have done for him? Something? Anything? or nothing???

I would say, my dad also influences the way I approach my life. How to take care the cleanliness in car. But don't ever open by boot, you will screaming like hell. Haha. Semak. Be punctual. This is history already. Nowadays, seems all my clock looks funny and I'm unable to follow them. He teach, show me how to catch fish in the sea ya, how to drive, how to save money and etc. He will dobi my car incase he's so busy he just wipes it. 

He may not a doctor, a magistrate.. he only a simple man. Who will repair by himself if mum facing any plumbing's problem. He always believe in me and support me to travel around the asia. While mum always worrying about her little daughter. 

Ayah, kaulah segalanya. :)