Friday, June 14, 2013

Burung, silalah terbang ;)


Wahai burung jinjang dari kertas origami, bila kau mahu terbang? Sudah lama kau teman aku dengan tercongok duduk elok di bawah pc offfice aku. Kau adalah perberian kawan office aku yang sungguh gagah buat dengan colleague darin Sabah itu. Kawan itu adalah Cik Anis. Rajan sungguh. Sampai rasa macam nak buat gwiyomi.

Oh well, many things happen last week. The most scarry thing, visit to office around 1:05am is not the best achivement of the year. Many objects can came out while you heading to your cubicle at that time. Luckily one friend of me willing accompany me to office and in the office I asked help from security to excort me. Proceed my task around 20mins. After checking done with my eyes, perhaps nothing wrong and I'm ready to go home. Alhamdulillah safely reach home with nothing happen.

Always wondering, what is the best thing to do in my life? Make everyone happy with me, and ofkos happy me. Travel around the world, opsss. At this moment only managed to travel asia region. No budget for Europe yet!! Perhaps one day, adalah rezekiNYA. Amiiiiiin.

Yeay. Minggu depan nak travel lagi. Tak lama dah. Alhamdulillah. Happy FRiday.
Purple day today.


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