Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome June :)


2nd day of June. Raining day in Perlis. Me together with mum and dad watching "30 minit Ustaz Don" tajuk solat. 

Wow! This is something and I'm touched. As i remembered 19yrs ago, mum and dad was there watching me sprint 100m for final. Not as winner but as first runner up which means I'm first among all the losers. :(

It's all about our dad. With his fierce face, we know he loves us so much. Just the way he show his love to us wasn't the same with mum. We know dad will do anything for us, he will sacrifice many thing as he willing to fulfill our needs. As a kids, what we have done for him? Something? Anything? or nothing???

I would say, my dad also influences the way I approach my life. How to take care the cleanliness in car. But don't ever open by boot, you will screaming like hell. Haha. Semak. Be punctual. This is history already. Nowadays, seems all my clock looks funny and I'm unable to follow them. He teach, show me how to catch fish in the sea ya, how to drive, how to save money and etc. He will dobi my car incase he's so busy he just wipes it. 

He may not a doctor, a magistrate.. he only a simple man. Who will repair by himself if mum facing any plumbing's problem. He always believe in me and support me to travel around the asia. While mum always worrying about her little daughter. 

Ayah, kaulah segalanya. :)

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