Friday, September 13, 2013

Maeklong Railway Market Trip


It's Friday, no weekly meeting today. Hoyeay. I got time to transfer Thailand's picture today. Let's enjoy Maeklong Railway Market trip.
Only 10baht and it takes almost 1 hrs to reach Mahachai.

Mahachai train counter
Ferry/boat terminal to cross the river

Kampung scenery :)

Banlaem train counter
Now 3 times per day only. Plan your visit.

This is belacan in Malay or shrimp paste.

Roses from pandan leaves

Blogger inside train to Maeklong Market
One of train stations on the way to Maeklong Railway Market


Uncle from Japan
This is ketupat chang.
Train start moving..we love it moving..moving..
Oh well.. co-pilot on the day
From Ban Laem and from Maeklong
If you get the 12.10 train to Maeklong, then you won’t see the train going through the market as you will be back on it as the last train to Bangkok.

The best timing is the following schedule:
6.30 Dep Bangkok Wong Wian Yai
7.30 Arr Mahachai
—Ferry River Crossing—-
08.00 Dep Ban Laem
09.40 Arr Maeklong
At Maeklong the station is at the end of the market. You now have 20 minutes to walk through the market and find a good spot to watch the train come through.
12.10 Train departs Maeklong and goes through the market.
You now have 3 hours in Maeklong until the next train arrives. Seafood is a specialty here, so you could look for a nice seafood lunch. That will take up about 41 minutes. After that there’s not alot else to do in Maeklong, but hey, you are an intrepid traveller, I’m sure you will make your own adventures.
13.50 Train goes through market again, arrives at Maeklong Station.
14.30 Train leaves Maeklong. Last train to Bangkok. Make sure you’re on it.
This schedule will allow you to see the train going in and out of the station, while you are in the market. If you are a professional photographer – or a train spotter – you could get the 7.30 train from Ban Laem, which would give you another two times to see the market run. That would mean a really early start from Bangkok, which is above and beyond the call of duty really.

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