Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekend with familia


Its good starting. Early in the morning having mum's cucur udang for breakfast and mee goreng from neighbour, Cikgu Maznah. Its raining day in Perlis. At 11:50am, we drove to Kepala Batas to sent my brother back to KL after almost one week outstation to Kedah, Perlis. While waiting to enter boarding area, dad having chair's massage for 30minutes and mum, brothers and me having chitchat. Main topic Didi, his rashes, raya haji whether they already decided to balik kampung or not. And also family vacation end of this year. Plan to Kelantan this year. Hohoho.

Dad craving for nasi and lil brother really want to visit one textile shop nearby our sekolah teknik. We decided to having lunch at one of our fav nasi kandar rest and after that we're searching for textile shop. Ohh.. It was Jakel because mum's thought its Nagoya. Jakel dude! So far I havent plan, or think to shop at this place, but then my lil brother really want to look Haji and he want new jubah for this raya haji. Good choice laaa..

Ayah with her nasi kandar, telur sotong
Lit brother with her nasi kandar.. Ayam.
Mum with he simple menu. Telur masin and some sayur.

Jakel session.. 
The output for lil brother, mum and meeeeeeee. :)

My school.. ASTECH..

Then we heading back to Perlis and mum prepare bihun kuah.. Yummmm. This is my weekend story and right now, layan bola. 

Our Didi dearie.. Sleeping style yools. Good night!


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