Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 the only sweet story to be count in


Its a good bye moment for 2013 and, Hello Hello 2014. Kindly be nice, bright, happy and prosperous year for me. Keep praying for good start and continuously moving with thousand of hope and happy events.

Achievement of 2013:
1. Jan - Visit Indonesia to be specific Jakarta and Bandung with Marhanis, Hanis and Kak Anum.
2. March - Family trip at Pulau Pangkor while our family conquer that resort especially swimming pool.
3. June - Visit China to be specific Beijing on summer time. Managed to climb Great Wall of China with Kak Sobah, Hanin, and many more.
4. Aug-Sept - Visit Thailand to be specific Hatyai, Phatthalung (Lotus Lake), Krabi, Phuket and Bangkok. In Bangkok we managed to have short trip to Maeklong Railway Market. This is great experienced for 3 of us, me, Marhanis and Kak Anum.

That's all overseas and local places that I've been visited for 2013. Everything was great and wishing I could give another visit again especially for China and Thailand. For 2014 still loooooooooong way to go. Perhaps we could have good flight ticket to someplace that we really wish to goooo.. InsyaALLAH.

How I'm gonna celebrate tonight? My counterpart wish me have a funny new year celebration, but I think I just stay at home rather than join all the crowds and get busy on the road.

Happy New Year.

Assalamualaikum.. :)

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