Friday, February 27, 2015

2014 stories


Alhamdulillah today 27th Feb 2015. Pheww.. Waiting so long to update my blog. While waiting to sleep let me tell you something.

I'm enggaged.
I'm married.
Waiting for my big day. Alhamdulillah. May ALLAH TAALA ease my events.

I'm losing my grandma while I'm on the way back to Malaysia. Crying like crazy women in the airport at Ljubljana. With all the prayers from families, fiance and friends.. Safely arrived Malaysia. Of course that was very emotional coming home with hoping I can straight away visit my grandma at hospital. ALLAH TAALA know better, she can't wait for me. She really want to meet our Creator. ALLAHUAKBAR.

I miss you tok.. Now, no longer ur gulai ikan, no longer ur cucoq, no longer ur daging masak kicap, no longer you to backup me after my mak merah scolding me. No more no more..

But, I'm so relief.. You have chance to meet a man to be my husband. He helps me to taking care of you while I away from you. I'm so glad when you're so happy with my husband-to-be(that time). Because you also know my stories why I dont want to get married. It's long story.. Very long story.

Adik doa tok di tempatkan bersama mereka yang beriman. Aamiiiin.

Tok seorang yang baik. Yang akan tolong orang susah. I admire you.


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