Friday, February 27, 2015



Lebih dari sebulan menunggu, menanti kepulangan yang insan tersayang yang menaiki pesawat MH17 dari Amsterdam ke Kuala Lumpur. It's very long journey to the passengers and crews (Malaysian) to goong home. Of course everybody don't want this happen to their family members and friends, but everything already planned well by our Creator. ALLAH TAALA know better and planner better to us. And to families and friends MH17 crews and passengers, my condolences and I pray to all of you keep strong and only time will healing all the sorrow, sad. I 'm sorry, I didn't help much.. Only prays to ALLAH TAALA to give all of you strength to facing this difficulties.

The most sadness part is to watch Allahyarhamah Masturah's son crying near her coffin and ask to open it to seek his mother forgiveness and wish selamat hari raya. Allah, tolong anugerahkan kekuatan to this 10yrs old kids to continue his life. Many peoples in FB, prays for him. Kids who missed their mum or dad in this tragedy is the most touched my heart amd of course to everyone....

For me, at least I can still go home and see my mum and dad, but for these kids, they will keep on waiting thousand year if their life to see, to meet their mum or dad. Adoii..

Keep on flying MH! Keep on supporting Malaysia Airline and AirAsia.

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